Sunday, February 6, 2011

remember my first purchase of 2010?

I posted about it, this dresser - for Zoey - remember?well, during my parents visit with us - my dad put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it (figuratively speaking ... well, mostly). how I didn't get a photo of him working on it, I shall never know, but it's clear that I seem to lose my photography mind when I have company! anyway, my dad first fixed the bottom drawer - it had no bottom and the back piece was split in half! he got it all fixed up:

do you see what he found to use as clamps, oh yes he did!
after that he spent an entire day - and I'm mean it, it was a full afternoon ... HOURS - stripping it and prepping it for paint. he then put two coats of primer and the first coat of paint before they headed home. I since put a second coat of paint on it. it's not exactly how I was picturing (it's not quite solid white, really probably needed a coat or two more) but the hubby was kinda sick of it taking up space in the garage ... and knowing it would need time to really cure, I decided it could be considered done! I pushed the drawers in for a pic, but I'm leaving them open while the paint cures. the drawers have been incredibly hard to open/shut and I hope that resolves. so, in a couple weeks I'll post pics of the finished room ... or, as we know all too well, it could be more like a few months! I'm waiting to put anything on it though, for at least a month. I'm so happy to have it in Zoey's room! I was in there tonight putting all her clothes away and getting going on making her room closer to finished. I'm so excited about all the projects I have planned for her room (and other rooms too). and, so - without further ado - the finished dresser:

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