Thursday, February 24, 2011

sunday - bloody sunday!

ok ... so, technically - it wasn't bloody! but, I just couldn't resist. what IS IT with sundays lately? maybe God is trying to tell me to get back to church - lol! anyway, on sunday there was an "incident" in our household. I'd say it's quite likely to become one of those infamous events that we speak of many times over the course of time. one to tell future children in law, future grandchildren, and so on. it was - the day one of Jericho's "buck" teeth, became no longer "buck"!
how? you may ask. simple: his sister punched him in the face! ok, in her defense she said it was an accident. upon further review from the both of them the story sounds consistent. they were playing with Liam's new bop bag, Jericho was holding it and Annicka was punching it. Jericho moved it - along with his head - and she bopped him a good one right in the tooth! she was all mad that "Jericho bit me", uh huh - I could tell by his cry that he was really hurt! as soon as I saw his tooth, I was in shock (this was before I knew the whole story). he kept saying "Anni punched me" and it was obvious that, yes indeed, he'd taken a good punch. his right front tooth went from sticking out toward the front, to ever so slightly angling into his mouth! his gums above it bruised immediately. if you look close, there's a tiny red/blood spot by the left tooth too!

I called the dentist and he said there was nothing to be done immediately. a lot of times it either hurries up the expulsion of the baby tooth (thank God it was a baby tooth) or the tooth resets itself. it appears the latter is true in our case. his tooth was looking nice and straight and we had him convinced that sucking his thumb would hurt it ... unfortunately, that only lasted a day. DARN. now it's looking like it may be coming forward again - so, I guess it hasn't set itself!

he's over it. it's been a rough week though, and now he's battling a horrible cough! he's already missed the past two days of school and I'm not sure if he'll be able to go tomorrow either, I hate when they have to miss school! oh well, such is life.

and that, my friends, is the day the buck tooth turned non-buck. LOL.

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