Thursday, February 24, 2011

outgrowing baby-hood ...

yes, though she's still fairly small (she still wears a lot of 6-12month clothing) Zoey is quickly outgrowing her baby things. for instance, her little yellow bed (which, I might add, they now make in much cuter colors - this always happens to me - argh) ... now, size wise she has not outgrown it. in squirmy, I'mdeterminedtogetouttahere ways she has! so, it's on my for sale list.
I was sort of reminiscing the other day about last year. 2010 still feels like a blur to me. and it got me thinking of all the things I've sold in the past year and a half ... three cribs (it's a long story, sort of), a changing table, a train table, a vanity, two televisions, two strollers, a bouncy seat, two swings, a bunk bed, baby bedding, baby clothes, kids clothes, toys, a baby "gym", a baby bed ... that's a lot of stuff and there's lots more I can't even think of. it feels great to get rid of stuff. if you saw our house, you'd probably say - how on earth did you have room for that stuff? lol. clearly there's a reason I keep trying to get more and more stuff out of here!!!

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