Wednesday, February 23, 2011

quotes of the week ...

Liam has a bit of a bad habit of hitting & kicking, in fact - today I heard Zoey start to cry, it was a hard cry that I've never heard before. I came rushing to her and couldn't figure out what was wrong, she was just sitting there? I picked her up and turned around to see Liam dancing around with a fly swatter, then he said "it was just a little hit" - hmmm. naughty step for you buddy. then this afternoon he "hit" (think hammer fist style) his brother, I told him to go to the naughty step and he replied, "it was just my army" - meaning, his arm. he's a smart one - oh yes. but he still had to sit on the naughty step!
... I have to add - when I let him off I explained why he was on there and he goes "an hog an xtis" (that's the best way I spell the way he says it) ... awwwww, he's learning. so a hug and kiss and apology both bubba and I got!

I was blowing raspberries on Liam's tummy as I put his shirt on him and he told me to "stop it, you're putting yours germs on me". crack. me. up.

I have to mention here, it's not a quote - but it's adorable! the boys' latest "thing" is that they are Batman and Robin (Jericho is Batman) ... love it!

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