Monday, February 21, 2011

oh-so-random ...

sometimes the random stuff is the stuff I love most. another afternoon. school is over. I'm letting the kids do their thing. this day it was games in the garage!

Jericho's been channeling his inner "jacob" for at least
several weeks now (if you've never seen Twilight, don't
feel bad that you have no idea what I mean by that comment)
I can always count on him for a good laugh!

is it just me, or does he look way too grown up here?
maybe his recent hair trim, ON his birthday,
has made him look a bit more baby-ish again?
(this pic is a couple weeks old, before the hair trim)

and my oldest, my most unwilling photograph-ee!
but this day, I caught some smiles ... or are those smirks?

definitely a smile!
does this one remind anyone else of this
My Girl poster???

and this is what baby Zoey was doing during all this!

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