Sunday, February 27, 2011

sick day ...

this was captain coughs-a-lot's second day home! yah, I know - he doesn't appear ill in any way, shape, or form. trust when I say, if you heard him cough - you'd know why I kept him home. I just figured they'd end up calling me to get him because it sounds so bad. plus, despite the looks of this photos, by staying home he gets more rest to try and get the sicky bugs to leave (between sleeping in, having a rest, no recess, etc. it does happen).

I really loved the boys' pirate ship! I love seeing the kids being creative! I think the captain has an awfully adorable first mate too - don't you agree? after their voyage, they sat and enjoyed a smidgen of tv! aww, "sick days" can be fun - when you're not too sick!

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