Wednesday, February 9, 2011

quotes of the week ...

Liam and I were discussing what time Caillou comes on (9am) and he said, "it's forty o'clock"! LOL

Liam: "what those are"
Me: "hmm?"
Liam: "what these are, in Zoey's hair"
lol - he was asking about her first pigtails!!!

Jericho walks into my room and says: "hmmm, which should I bring to collenge" (I love the way he pronounces things) He's got a bunch of his toys story toys and then says: "no really, which one should I take" LOL

this evening Jericho cuddled up to me on the couch, I heard him sniff and he goes: "mama, I think you need a bath". I love how honest kids are, even better is that they generally don't mean to be hurtful, they just lack the grace and knowledge to keep quiet on certain things. and hey, the kid is right, I guess I forgot deodorant today - lol.

Liam has definitely picked up on some of the yuck that the big kids expose him to - I hate to admit this, but he often says "I hate (insert name/you)" and one of his favorite names to call people is "buttface" (I'm not gonna lie, sometimes when he says this it is comical and hard to keep a straight face) Well, just now I gave him water in his sippy cup - he's not a fan. He always says "not water" or "I hate water" and often will even display his lack of affection toward water by throwing his cup. Well, just now he did something he's done a few times lately ... he said to me "I'm going to kick you"!!! I replied by telling him "no, you're not - it's not ok to say that". He then gently "kicked" the bottom of my foot (I was sitting and my feet were up on toes) - I gave him a stern look and he said "it was just a little kick". Oh dear. this child! he seems so grown up in some ways, but still toddlerish in others! while I'm on that subject - I think he totally understands where pee and poop should go, but doesn't care to be bothered with all that. no potty training success yet :c

have I mentioned how insanely adorable it is when Liam says "oh, no-no-no" just like Ducky on Land Before Time??? well - it is.

I'm really not sure where this came from, but Liam has taken a liking to calling me "Mama Mia" on occasion! I'll hear him in the next room saying "Mama Mia" while he plays too. funny!

Zoey said "Mama" clear as a bell this morning when I got her up (at 5-something AM - ugh) ... but it's still unclear if she's saying anything intentionally!

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