Thursday, February 17, 2011


yes, I love these pics.
ok - it actually may go a little beyond love.
I've avoided putting artwork on my walls, mostly
because a) it's expensive, but also b) I tend to
lean toward photographs (go figure)
and end up thinking to myself, "I'd rather have
my own 'work' on my walls".
the only problem has been getting that
"work" done! I know I have some
pics from the past that could definitely grace my
walls, but I haven't taken the time
to look back and find them!
plus, I knew I'd want new stuff as well.
while on our walk the other day, I decided to attempt
some pics of the gorgeous blossoms on
one of the trees that are blooming right now.
I love these trees.
I love the branches.
I love the blossoms.
and, as it turns out, I love what I captured!

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