Friday, February 4, 2011

deals, deals, deals ...

anyone who knows me well knows that I have a very fickle side to me. I've gotten much better, still lately there have been a few things I've bought used telling myself I could be ok with it ... and have since decided I can't. such is me. but this isn't one of those stories, not really anyway. this is Zoey's carseat:it was Liam's. it was expensive. I had saved it. it was still perfectly fine (and, of course, not expired). so - it became Zoey's. now, don't get me wrong - I LOVE this carseat. Liam was about fifteen months old (if I remember correctly, it's on here somewhere) when he outgrew it - and he definitely wasn't a "small" baby - so the expense really is worth it (the infant seats available when my first two were babies didn't last past 8 months). there was only one thing that made me wrinkle my face up about this seat ... though the pattern is cute and neutral, it wasn't girly. after having two boys I was looking forward to going pink again, but even I couldn't justify buying a brand new infant car seat just to have a girly one (we won't talk about other items I'm about to purchase) ... enter the yard sale carseat! I had contacted Graco to ask about possibly getting another cover for our carseat - you have to buy the whole set (cover, canopy, headrest) and they wanted $75 for it - WOW. I thought it would be cool to make her carseat girly and convenient to have a second cover for when I'm washing it, but I wasn't about to pay $75 for one! imagine the thrill last weekend when I arrived at a yard sale and found a carseat just like ours (I've never seen one second hand, anywhere) ... just like ours, that is, except it was a different pattern - a GIRLY pattern. now, I've been to lots of yard sales, lots of thrift stores, and looked a lot on craigslist ... and carseats -even second hand- are usually not cheap. in fact, most of the ones I've seen have been $50 or more (if they're decent) and the old, filthy ones are even $10-$15. imagine my second thrill when seeing the price tag: $10. say whah! ten dollars. TEN DOLLARS. yes please - that carseat is MINE!!! the lady said it was her friends, then hers - between the two kids it hadn't even been used for two years (why? who knows, who cares) and it had never been involved in any accidents. good to know, but I was really only interested in it for the cover. I should have taken a before pic, it was just a little dirty - not bad. I washed it all up - ALL of it - even the canopy! and today, I put it on Zoey's carseat:
I can't tell you how happy I was to see my baby girl in a girly seat! I know, I seem so easy to please - ha ha. she seemed to like it too!
she has a good four inches and/or eleven pounds before outgrowing this seat ... so I think it's safe to say she'll be in it at least another six months! which is great, because it means for that much longer I can take her out - carseat and all - if she falls asleep! it's also great because by the time she outgrows this, the carseat I'm wanting next should be out on the market AND maybe I'll have saved up for it! on that note, that carseat is the bomb dudes. seriously, click on it and check it out!

so, anyway, all of that led me to do a little in van photo shoot of the "babies"! Liam wanted a pic of Woody - lol! aren't they adorable!

and, yes, Liam is still rear-facing! and I have no plans to turn him around when he turns three this month!

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