Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one afternoon ...

this first photo is another one of those that "spoke" to me. you know what it said? this is our life. at that moment it felt like a perfect depiction of life at our house. Annicka is loving on a critter, the boys are being adventurous and independent, and Zoey is just observing it all - and looking at me, I might add. it's like imperfect perfection.these are all pics from an afternoon last week when I said, sure you can scooter and bike ride - I'll just pull Zoey's high chair outside to feed her her dinner. it become a "photo shoot" because it was just such a nice day. the kids were looking so cute, as usual. and it just seemed like a good opportunity to catch some of the "everyday" moments.

this little lizard is what I spotted when we went to recycle all our bottles, cans, etc. - I went to grab a bin and noticed a little critter. I made the mistake of pointing it out to the children ... let's just say Annicka was completely pre-occupied until a guy who works there helped her catch it (after she'd been trying for a while). which meant I got a good amount of help from Jericho, from her - not so much. it also meant we brought the critter home!!!

lol - looks like a mad messy face!

she was looking especially "broke out" this day, not sure why. I've been putting some cream on her dry cheeks though and it looks much better!

cracks me up to watch her eating her puffs!

see that new tooth on top - on the left!

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