Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday my adorable little guy!

can it be that the sweet little chubby cheek boy who melted my heart from the start is six? SIX! we had a busy day between starting projects and running errands, so the "official" photos were put off ... I guess that's becoming the "norm" any more! gone are the days when a certain compulsive/ocd-ish mama had to have the photos done on the exact date! but, still ocd-ish enough I had to snap some shots of him on his actual day of becoming six. oh that face. how can such a sweet and innocent face both melt my heart and challenge me to my core? I guess that's what parenting is all about, though - an ongoing balance.

let me tell you, this kid definitely keeps me laughing! he is still keen to saying things that absolutely crack us up. he is very funny, often on purpose too. he has such a sweetness about him. he is still a screamer. he's been known to kick walls in his little fits of anger (thank goodness not too hard, no damage has occurred). he uses way too much "potty talk" - whether in anger or frustration - it really needs to stop, but I'm not gonna lie ... sometimes (and I stress sometimes) it is comical. he's very creative. he adores drawing and coloring. he still loves to go outside, especially on his own. it's precious to spy on him and observe him playing. oh, how I love this boy.

Happy 6th Birthday Jericho!
we love you so, so, so much!
p.s. those transformers were from Nana & Grandaddy (granddaddy picked them out) and he played with them ALL DAY. he waited and waited and waited to open their present, finally we decided he shouldn't have to keep waiting (we were waiting for sissy, Granddaddy, and daddy to wake up - they all slept in) and let him open it. it was a huge bag full of all sorts of fun. he also got a bed tent, a transformers mr. potato head, and a g.i. joe vehicle/men from us. a container full of everything he needs to keep in touch with Yaya - from her (I mean the works too, pre-addressed envelopes, stickers, markers, crayons - he already drew her a picture too). he loved it all - but those transformers were definitely today's favorite! I have party pics from saturday, hopefully I'll get them up soon!

edited to add these pics
I did something a little different this year, I thought it would be fun - and it was! he was so surprised to wake up to presents right there on his bed waiting for him!

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