Wednesday, January 19, 2011

pump & dump

well, the day finally came. it was a sad moment. I threw out the remaining "mama's milk" from the freezer. we hadn't used any for at least a month (it started when the freezer was blocked and I couldn't get to it) and I knew that it was nearing it's year, so I decided to make space in the freezer (when putting away items from Costco) and let this "liquid gold" go. I'm proud that Zoey was exclusively "breast fed" for eight months and so glad she was able to continue having breast milk for a couple months beyond that (along with formula). pumping full time was a challenge, but I ended up actually liking the arrangement overall. I would/will strongly encourage moms who might not be into nursing to give pumping a try. it can be time consuming, but also rewarding in more ways than one! and, of course, I had to take a photo before it all went in the trash. R.I.P. milk.

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