Friday, January 21, 2011

fun goodness ...

here's another bunch of good finds from a couple weeks ago ... I had decided to start taking pics of my finds, but I've been forgetting ... actually, I haven't bought much else - so we're not too far behind, really. this was two weekends ago, I went yard saling and only found two items - wow. then I noticed the signs were up that the thrift shop (on base) was open - YES! I grabbed a BK iced mocha and headed over there. I totally scored that day ...

this was $10. I was shocked, I thought for sure it would be more!

I had been browsing IKEA quite a bit, to give my shopping
list to mom & dad before they headed our way!
I had looked at this and really liked it, but decided I didn't
want it bad enough to spend $7.99 on it ...
I was, however, quick to pay $1 for it at the thrift shop!!!

a yard sale provided a dinosaur book for the boys, $1
another yard sale provided a cute flower hook thingy for Annicka, 50¢
the thrift shop was so good to me - oh my:
a candle stick (learned a great project, and want to try it) for $1
two pairs of shoes for Annicka, $1 each
three pairs of shoes for Zoey, 50¢ each - at that price I don't mind
throwing them in a tote until she'll fit them!

and finally, the thrift shop sells magazine for 25¢ each -
all of these are less than a year old and all I want is inspiration,
I'll pay 25¢ any day over $5 (or more)!

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