Monday, January 31, 2011

"and it was gross"!

so, I spared you all a picture of this ... it just wouldn't have been very fun to see! I had stepped out of the bathroom while Liam was in the bath playing, to put some laundry away. when I went back I found a little boy standing up (that's a no-no) kicking water, toys lined all neatly on the edge of the bath (another no-no, cause then water falls to the floor, but it was cute) ... as I followed the toys with my eyes I suddenly saw it. I looked at Liam, he made his pull mouth back make eyes big I think I'm in trouble face, I looked back and confirmed that: yes, that is poop sitting on the edge of my bathtub!

on the edge of my bathtub.

I looked back to Liam and he looked at me and said "poop goes in the potty". really son, ya think? then why have you put it on the edge of my bathtub! I can only guess that he pooped in the tub then thought better of it and picked it up. Maybe he thought it would just blend in with the line of toys? who knows. all I know is, I had to dispose of the poop. disinfect the tub. disinfect the toys. and re-wash Liam. did I mention I'm not feeling super great today? I think the babies' colds have spread to all of us, combine that with a crappy sugary breakfast and I feel pretty yucky! I didn't especially appreciate the extra chore, but hey - that's part of being a mommy, right?! so, thank you Liam - for reminding me to be thankful for you, even though I'd rather you did it without the poop mess! I'll take it. I'll take all the laundry. all the messes. all the dishes. even all the poop!

p.s. I was on the phone with my mom when all this went down, and she can attest to the fact that I didn't yell at all - in fact, I stayed quite calm! Later I got him out and all dressed and he was talking on the phone to her, she asked him if he'd pooped in the bath and he said "yah" and they continued on the conversation and then I heard him say "and it was gross"! lol, yes - he did get that from me ... cause I sure did tell him that it was gross (as I cleaned it up)!

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