Thursday, January 27, 2011

keep the deals coming ...

so, when I was last at Target (with my dad and big kids) I happened upon a bit of aisle with a few clearance wall clings - score! I paid less than $3 and $4 for them (each), which I thought was pretty awesome! They had a sea creature one, which I thought was adorable - but I did approve it with my ten year in case she thought they were too baby-ish ... she didn't! I'll warn you, they don't stay on the wall very well - many of the small ones have fallen off and the bigger ones are lifting - so I may have to come up with something else for them, but I was sure to snap pics after I spent all that time getting them up there! Jericho spotted the sail boat them pack and just had to have it, I'm not really into themes - but I decided, what the heck! (Annicka's was just because she loves sea life so much) Those worked out well, as I was able to put them on the boys' bed - which is a nice flat surface! I also got polka dots (Zoey's background/party decor) and some little letters! I love it! I love bargains and I love wall clings!

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