Monday, January 24, 2011

get 'er done ...

it always feels good to get stuff done. cleaning. organizing. projects. decorating. it especially feels good if it's something you've been putting off! well, when my parents visited back in November, they brought the shelf my dad made for me. I had brainstormed with him on their previous trip about a shelf for all my little photo statues (or, not so little as it may be). somehow we came up with the idea to make it a ledge and to have it light up! he's done this in his house with moulding (how do you spell that?) around his room and it looks awesome! so, anyway (I'm so easily distracted) it's been on our wall since November. I used it for Christmas decorations because there was a little flaw and I was worried that the statues would fall off. he sent a "kit" to replace the hangers and two weeks ago I finally replaced them. and finally put up the photo statues! as you can see ... I'll be needing to find another place too, since it's already full. it sure does look awesome at night with the light on!!!

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