Sunday, January 30, 2011

one week ago ...

one week ago, we were still enjoying the company of not only Nana & Granddaddy, but Grandma as well - who had arrived Saturday night! It was Zoey's first birthday, so I really figured we'd all stay home ... how surprised I was when hubby suggested that us ladies take the big kids to the beach (I really thought he'd frown upon me not being at home, with the b-day girl ... but I think him and my dad just wanted to watch football in peace - lol). So: me, my mom, and hubby's mom packed up Annicka, Jericho, and Liam and hit the road! We stopped at an In 'N Out and ate delicious burgers on the way. We went to Pismo beach and it was so nice. It was a great day to play on the beach! We didn't stay too long, as I'd forgotten sunscreen (among many things forgotten) ... but once we were done playing in the sand we looked at a couple shops, including "Hot Lix"! Annicka and Jericho had been wanting to visit this candy shop since seeing it on tv, probably a year and a half or so ago! They all got to choose a candy, then back in the car we went and headed home. We did make a quick stop at the Gymboree outlet so I could take a peek, and we drove through starbucks too! It was a great time. Missing having the company, I've been way lazy since they all left! I'm kicking myself for not getting any pics of Grandma with Zoey - I guess I just wasn't thinking! I'm such a photo freak, but for some reason I don't take many pics when we have visitors - not sure why? Guess I need to be better about that! but, Zoey, Grandma was here for your first birthday to celebrate with all the rest of us (Nana & Granddaddy included) and she held you and fed you and you absolutely loved her!!!

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