Tuesday, January 11, 2011

last week ...

so, here's a few pics from last week that hadn't made it here yet! these first ones are of Liam. I was vacuuming the playroom and this is what he was doing:I found it pretty funny - in fact, when I first noticed I chuckled a bit! I moved that toy kitchen around, with him on it, and got the whole room vacuumed! why he didn't just go in another room? I shall never know. but he does not like the vacuum! I guess this was a suitable solution. I will say, too, that he's getting better and though this seems like a strange way to "cope" ... if it works for him, it works for me!

and here's a couple cute ones of the princess! just lookin all cute!

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  1. Too cute Liam, lovin' the bed head look! hahaha Little Zoey looks adorable in anything, but this blue color especially looks fabulous on her!!