Thursday, January 20, 2011

first purchase of the year ...

ok, so the month is almost over but I'm going to date this post back to the day I picked it up! my first purchase of the year was on January 1 and it was a dresser for Zoey. I'd been looking forever - I had found one months back for $7 at a yard sale and that was temporarily working, but I knew I wanted something with more character -and that I could paint- for her. I finally found it when we visited a thrift store and the owner so kindly took us to his "warehouse" so my friend could look at something ... and that's when I saw this:I knew right away that it was the one. the dresser I had been waiting for. a dresser fit for a princess. it was (almost) perfect. I ended up paying nearly $77 for it, but it was worth every penny to me (I might also mention I've never spent that much on second hand furniture, but this piece was different). ok - I won't post this as a past date - cause then I can't tell you that my dad is actually working on this ... it's all stripped and sanded and now we have to start the painting. yay. soon, Zoey will have her princess dresser!

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