Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday morning ...

 look at that smile - oh my gosh!

these were taken on a Sunday morning, before church!
daddy was off to L.A. to pick someone up from the
airport and do a little shopping with his buds -
so I "got to" take all the kiddos to church, on my own!!!
it was fun and there was a thanksgiving "feast"
after our service!  lots of yummy food!

 another great smile - our "taking steps" big girl!

 sweet face girl!

 I can't remember why she was crying, but I think she was just
having a little fit (pathetic, isn't she) - because she went from this ...

 to this in like a minute!!!

 Liam wanted a pic too!!!

 sissy loves to "fly" Zoey across the living and dining rooms -
I guess Zoey loves it too!!!


 she loves to drum!!!

this one cracks me up!

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