Saturday, December 24, 2011

special ornaments ...

 I know I haven't posted any pics of our tree ... I will be later!  anyway, it's very simple this year - all it has is "special" ornaments on it!  mostly they are ones Jericho made in kindergarten and preschool!  there's also one my made me some time ago - it say "life is hard, but God is good" ... I came across it while decorating and found it appropriate for the tree this year!  then there's some candy canes Annicka added and one she made at some point.  so, this past week, I had Liam color a little wooden ornament of the nativity ... he had some much fun and I enjoyed the one on one with him!  so, today he showed it to daddy and then I had him hang it on the tree!  my sweet "lil Liam" boy!!!

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