Friday, December 9, 2011

dear bubba

tonight was special.  since Nana & Grandaddy left you have been taking turns with Liam sleeping on the mattress still in your room - "Grandaddy's bed".  tonight Liam was still awake late, so daddy took him to our bed to cuddle.  you were sad about this and I could tell when I walked past your room. so ... I went in and laid there with you, on "Grandaddy's bed".

we cuddled, we talked, I stayed with you until you were asleep ... and even then each time I tried to leave, your sweet hazel eyes opened up to search for me.  I love our conversation ... we discussed Christmas presents -I conveniently suggested some wants for items I know you're already getting, too, us sneaky moms- and how you want something star wars, something thunder cats, something batman, and something harry potter (which still makes no sense to me as we've never read/seen anything harry potter - but I guess you're impressed by the harry potter reading club at school that the neighbor boy is in).  once we got on the subject of art supplies, you surprised me by saying you'd like a hook and "string" (yarn) - you want to crochet!  I think that's adorable ... I can't tell you how much I love your enthusiasm for my own creativity.  you are so complimentary and so encouraging, you little charmer.

after a long chat we cuddled.  I held you close.  I felt your gentle breath - oh the sweetness of this.  you didn't suck your thumb at all, either!  you just snuggled in close and fell asleep right there in my arms.  how precious that is to me.  before leaving your room I kissed your freckled cheek and watched you sleep for a moment.  I treasure this.

my sweet, six year old boy - words can not begin to express my love for you.  my love is never-ending.  I wrote down the account of this so I can always remember how full my heart is at this moment.  I hope that as you continue growing we will always be able to have these mommy & son chats and cuddles - or at least a nice hug!  I love you my little "poodle"!  ~mama

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