Friday, December 30, 2011

the last of 2011 ...

of course, if I find that I've somehow forgotten any I'll post them anyways (and back date them) but I'm trying to be officially "caught up" with 2011 between today and tomorrow!!!  so, here a few pics that hadn't made it onto the blog yet ...

 when I came across some of Liam's old toys I gave them to Zoey - 
she especially loves her star stacker that my friend gave me ... I think
this was Jericho's when he was a baby (and that was following my friend's twins)
so it's  long loved pass me down toy!!!

 so sweet!!!

 these are some photos of my set up at the bazaar I did
early this month ... I really liked it!!!

 here's some of Zoey modeling a tutu I made
(and her flower headband i made, too) ...
she wasn't in a modeling mood that day!

 this is what I found when I left Liam alone for ten minutes
one day a few weeks back ... aye aye aye!

 she loves the remote!

sound asleep during video game time - lol!!! 
not quite sure why the hubby insisted I cut Liam's hair - clearly it's not something I have any skill for! but, I got it out of his eyes and managed to survive the ordeal and it doesn't look as bad as it could!
they call this area "the bee bush" because in the warmer seasons
there are lots of bees in the bushes!
it's a favorite spot for mine and the neighbor kids ...
they all love to play together and this is their "spot"!
I wish I could share more pics - but they
all have close up of all the little friends!

 getting ready for a new year means making some big changes
around the house for us (this year) ... which also means
lots of cleaning and organizing!!!  the hubby's game room has
earned it's way into the house and the playroom is moving
out to the garage (yes, I'll have to buy a heater for our
colder months) ... my craft room will remain in the garage, but
perhaps it will finally become a craft room rather than
a giant mess ten million different items in piles and stacks!!!
and since I needed to open up more space for said
playing room - we've the bikes to the back patio!  I did a major
cleaning and threw out all the old, broken outside toys!
phew, that feels so much better!!!

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  1. wow! You must have been really busy! Your booth had a ton of stuff. Great selection too!