Sunday, December 25, 2011

a night time parade!!!

here was a super fun evening! we had to run to walmart (I had to pic up some photos) and we picked up some McD's, went by starbucks for cocoa, then headed off to some traffic leading to the parade! we actually found a great parking spot (in a parking lot) and ended up seeing some friends and got to enjoy the parade along with some of them!  we've only ever been to a couple Christmas time parades - so this was pretty fun!  it's neat seeing lit up "floats" and being out at night time!

our little set up!  my littles were both buckled in (safe)
in the double stroller, Jericho got a chair (shared by miss Jill)
along with Jacob, and Annicka chose standing and sitting
on the curb (and me and Jill stood)!  we had a great view!

that's my son, hula dancing!
there were hula dancers and, well, the boy just can't
resist an opportunity to dance - lol

is it just me, or does Jericho have the "paparazzi pose" down???

yummy - Zoey loves candy canes!

and, of course, the end of the parade is signified 
by the big guy himself - atop a fire engine!!!
so much fun!!!

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