Saturday, December 10, 2011

dear little man

oh my Liam - you never cease to amaze me!  tonight you played Just Dance with me (well, technically you weren't "playing" - but as far as you were concerned holding a remote didn't matter) and I was slightly astounded by your rhythm ... not to mention how you would hum and sing every song - even ones you've never heard!  your pitch was awesome ... I hope I can always remember your little "hums" to Ring My Bell!  oh my gosh you were so right on with the timing and the pitch - amazing!

we had a fun time for sure - and it is another one of our little "moments" I had to take account of!  sissy (Annicka) was there too, watching us - as she refuses to play!  she kept saying we were crazy, I love it!  I'll be crazy with you any day my "little man"!  I love you to infinity and beyond (you said that to me this past week - SOOO cute)!!!


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