Monday, December 26, 2011

24 hours ago ...

these pics are from approximately 24 hours ago, Christmas morning!  the kids woke up a little before 7am, well - the boys did!  by the time we all got up and got going it was about 7:15 and by about 7:45 every single gift had been unwrapped, swooned over, and they were begging for them to be out of their packages to be enjoyed!  it was a flurry of paper and smiles!

(warning - photo heavy post here)

I liked these baby dolls so much that Zoey got two
of them (each a different expression on their face) -
those were her gifts from us!!!  she seemed to like
them and was doing the baby sign whenever we'd say
where's your baby!  and she snuggled them, so cute!

hat from Nana

a new diary of a wimpy kid book - she loved it

back in November Jericho wrote this:
"wish lis and brtday list ... I want stowrs. and Batman and here potr ______ and sundr cats"
I'm happy to say that he did, indeed, get a little something to
represent each request!!!  this was the big one, "stowrs" - aka: StarWars!!!

I found this for Liam and thought it would be a great bath toy
since he's always wanting to take cars in the bath!!!
(it's Mater and Lightning with a wash mit - they change color)

found lots of good looking books at the $1 book
store when I went to the mall with one of my besties
several weeks back!!!

awwww - love the baby

had to get some practical stuff for the big kids too - 
like shoes and socks!!!

she didn't get many toys - but I did give in and get her
squinkies, her only request!!!  
(daddy is not a fan of the squinkies)

Zoey made a bed for her baby!

anything Toy Story -and especially Buzz- is a hit!

I think in total, Liam got four new Maters - lol

and awesome lamp (I picked it out - ha ha) from
Nana and Grandaddy

got Jericho some boy squinkies ...
that was an add on request - lol

she loves her crafts - yarn is a fave - and turquoise is 
her fave color along with purple

I love that (above) set of pics!  this was the boys BIG gift, 
to share!  they loved it!  once it was open they played with
it for a good solid hour, at least!!!

I don't mind admitting I went cheap - I found a really
nice "Bella" ring for $12, but couldn't see getting it - we'll
see how well she keeps track/takes care of this one!!

when daddy brought down all the gifts from Nana and Grandaddy,
Jericho was beyond excited to find it was his name on the biggest
one of all ... and he couldn't wait to open it!  I kept telling him
he had to wait until some of the gifts in front of it were done,
finally it was time and he was thrilled!  an easel!!!

managed to get one with all four ... 
hey - i wasn't gonna make them look - they were having 
too good of a time!  see Liam marveling at his new movie from
his uncle???  and, yes, they had to watch it straight away!

Uncle (the hubby's brother) drew these awesome
comic book covers for the boys (and one for the hubs, too)
... I think that's a super special gift!  wanna frame them!

and there you have it, a bit of our Christmas morning (well, ok, a lot of it!)  hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!!

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