Saturday, December 31, 2011

the best Christmas pageant ever

did you ever see that movie? I loved it so much when I was younger, even though I couldn't have seen it more than a handful of times, since it was only at school that I saw it! anyway, I just couldn't resist using the movie title for this blog post ... a couple weeks ago the kids at our church did a little program on Sunday morning! it was so cute - I don't have any photos of the actual "performance", because I was videotaping, but trust me - it was adorable! I think my son (Jericho) and his buddy Jacob rockin out to "Joy to the World" -complete with shepherd hook guitars- was the highlight ... but maybe that's just me!

I decided to brave letting Liam be involved, so the night before I had to come up with his costume (ok, so I could have done it in the two days prior - but that's not my style, last minute motivation is the way I roll).  he was going to be a star, but they already had an absolutely adorable little star (seriously, she's DARN cute) and I didn't think it made sense to have two stars.  I asked the director if maybe he could be an animal, since we didn't have any animals (there was Mary & Joseph, three shepherds, three angels, three wise men, a star, and a narrator) ... she said "sure, he can be an ass".  LOL!!!  (good sense of humor, I love it)   so, an ass donkey he was! 

his outfit was simple.  I knew he had gray jeans and Jericho had a gray shirt, so I decided to make him a little hat!  it was cute -in theory anyway- but it was a little "short" and I didn't do the ears too well so they were floppy ... but hey, it worked and he was adorable!  and, I might add, he really did well ... especially considering he never went to either of the two practices!  he had two "naughty" moments - for him, that's pretty amazing!  one was when he crossed the stage (he was by Mary and Joseph) and walked right over to a microphone and make a sound ... that's my son, yep - right there!!!  he walked right back, though, so I was impressed!  that had been shortly after it started, and by ten minutes later -as it neared the end- he was in awe with fascination for the rotating Christmas tree.  he edged closer and closer to it and then took off one of the ornaments ... "Mary" was laughing and I tried to whisper to her to tell him to stop, I think "Joseph" got the ornament and put it back on the tree and the kids finished up their show without a hitch!

all ready to go

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