Wednesday, December 14, 2011

eleven ...

I haven't done Annicka's "official" eleven year old photos yet, but I did manage to snap a few pics on her actual birthday!  (don't ask me why the camera doesn't get used whenever my parents are here, I can't figure it out - you'd think I'd be major mamarrazzi for pics with the grandparents, but for some reason it just doesn't happen?!  I say this, because they were here for Annicka's birthday - so I'm just amazed I did actually get the few shots I did, lol, isn't that terrible!)

I still can't believe she's eleven.


the sweet little girl who made me a mama!  that sweet little baby who refused to sleep at night for her first two weeks of life.  that sweet little toddler who was always into mischief.  that sweet little girl who was so dramatic.  that sweet tween who always has, and I believe always will, have a heart of gold ... and a major attitude!  I love you Annicka.  I love your sweetness.  I love that you are sensitive to others.  I love you so much!!! 

Nana made this crochet clown and her and grandaddy gave
her this new bed spread!!!

Nana also made a neat album for Annicka

I surprised her with a cake!

Annicka's gift from us was seeing Breaking Dawn, that's all she wanted!  I offered to have a party - nope, she didn't want one.  Said "people might touch things" and "I don't really like parties" ... she just really wanted to see Breaking Dawn.  OK.  so, I took her to see it.  (that's why there's no pics of gifts from us, however she also got a Breaking Dawn poster from us! and a frame to keep it in)

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