Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve ...

so, while daddy went to wish a happy Christmas eve to our friends' dog (we're taking care of him for the weekend - at their house) we did our traditional Christmas eve pics and opening of one gift. 

now, let me say - there's a reason you don't see Annicka opening one.  last night the kids were told that if they got out of bed and came downstairs, then they would have no presents (there is a very good reason for this - I was wrapping all the presents!) ... well, need I go on???  I also thought I'd mention that the reason she wasn't in any of the countdown pics is because she didn't choose to cooperate for any!  I can feel those lovely teenage years coming - all too fast!!! 

the boys ripped right in (Jericho had been begging ALL day) and Annicka helped Zoey!

 don't you love Zoey's face!  
I couldn't believe how excited she seemed - or maybe
she was just imitating how she knew her new "doll"
would sing (since sissy has one and she loves it)!!!

after that I made up a plate of all the goodies I'd made, popped popcorn, made hot cocoa and we all enjoyed watching "The Santa Clause" together!!!

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