Sunday, December 25, 2011

the season's festivities ...

I've been a little behind with blogging - and once I started the countdown I was all focused on that!  ...but, we have done a few fun things the past couple weeks as we got closer and closer to today!!!  the Santa pics are from a "Breakfast with Santa" event here on the base - it was fun!  we started in a long line and saw Santa.  it's pretty cool, cause it's free and you get to take your own pics ... but also that makes it a little stressful with four kids and a mom who wants a great photo!  I did my best, though, and at least we have some Santa pics!  there was also some dance recitals going on - we enjoyed that while we ate!  then we went and the kids each did a little craft, very fun for them!  we got a free bag of caramel corn on our way out!  we've never done this, but I've always wanted to - and I'm so glad we did!

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