Wednesday, June 8, 2011

quotes of the week ...

so, Annicka had a playdate Saturday with the sweetest little friend ever - who happens to be moving this summer, so sad! Anyway, that meant it was just Jericho and I for the afternoon running our errands and such, getting ready for our trip. After picking up his medicine (he either has strep or is a carrier) I mentioned that I could hear seagulls. So, he says, with a giggle "remember when that seaguln pooped on you" (I love how he says some words, so cute) and I said "yes" ... after a few seconds of thinking, he asked me "did you forgive the bird?". crack me up! I said that I did forgive the bird and he goes "good, cause seagulns don't know what they're doing ... and besides, seagulns's poop where ever they want!" oh yes sweet son, I do love you and love our rare one on one times!

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