Thursday, June 2, 2011


ok, so back before I got pregnant with Zoey I was trying to do the whole "coupon thing". I had some mild success, but as my pregnancy progressed I couldn't keep up with even trying anymore ... I gave up. With that new show on TLC my interest has been renewed (I've thought about it a lot, even before the show) and I wanted to give it a try again. I'm not trying to be too crazy about it ... but I figure if I use coupons as often as possible, even on regular price stuff, then I'll be saving money!

two weekends ago I decided to go out and do some coupon shopping -Annicka came along, she was quite bored- I came home confident I had saved some $$ ... my hubby was not so impressed, I guess that show has ruined our view on getting a good deal! (if you've never seen it, these people will buy hundreds worth of groceries and pay as little as a few cents - it's crazy - guess that's why the title is Extreme Couponing)

Never the less, I will be sharing both successes and fails ... I think my first trip comes in right in the middles!

here's my purchases and the breakdowns:

I went to Babies R Us for all the bottle supplies: all playtex items were buy one get one 50% off.
*I bought the three pack of bottles: $12.99, used my $7.99 coupon (I got the coupon because I recently opened a bottle and the drop-ins included with it were slit, making them un-useable ... so, I wrote to the company ... they sent me the coupon and had me send in the drop-ins, free shipping), so the pack was $5
*Then I got the double pack of drop-ins that came with a bottle: $9.99, but 50% made it $5
*The nipples were $4.49 each, I bought four packs and paid $13.47 (so, I paid for three and got one free)
*Grand total ... normal price: $40.94 plus tax I paid: $23.47 plus tax

Next we went to target! We needed diapers, wipes, and laundry soap ...
I got pampers, cause that's what I had coupons for (huggies are my favorite, though)! I had a target coupon that was $5 off when you buy a box of diapers and a box of wipes (both had to be a certain size or larger) ... so, I bought two of each - the diapers were $19.79 each and the wipes were $11.99 each. Then, I had $2/off for pampers diapers, I used two - one for each box ... and had $.50/off for wipes, I used two - one for each box!
Grand Total ... normal price: $63.56 I paid: $48.56 (plus tax)

*I also bought a box of wipes (I didn't have a pampers box for all the wipes I was buying) with a $1.50/off coupon and a little travel pack with my last $.50/off coupon ... the price was $2.39 each before coupons!
*Then to the laundry products ... I bought Wisk, cause that's what I had a coupon for: it was on sale for $8.49 (which I think is not much less than normal price) and I had a $2/off coupon
*The Tide Stain Release was a gamble, as I've never used it - but wanted to try (I have to say, I think I'm impressed) ... the were $6.99 and I had $3/off coupons!
*Then I headed over to get some travel size Tide detergent (I can use these at my MIL's this summer) to use some of my lower value coupons: they were $.97 each and I had one $1/off coupon and three $.35/off coupons!
*I had two $4/off coupons for the Gillette Fusion razors, and Target had a deal where if you bought two you got a $5 gift card - PLUS they were on sale, sooo ... I bought two at $9.89 each (before coupons)!
*At the check out lane I grabbed two Tide to Go pens, for $2.94 each ... I had two coupons, $1/off ... but it looks like only one got taken off (now that I'm looking at the receipt)
*Grand Total ...
regular price: I'm not sure, I didn't know the regular price of the razors or the wisk
I paid: $104.45 (this includes the afore-mentioned diapers) and my receipt says I save $48.75 ... not bad!
I saved $39.05 with my coupons alone, so that pleases me ... and I should mention I bought notebook tabs ($2.99), two matchbox cars ($1.09 each), and a balloon toy ($2.49) all at full price - I should have let Annicka pay for the three toys with the $5 gift card I got, oh well!

so, like I said ... I still spent a decent amount of money, despite saving a decent amount! so, it's in the middle ... but I have to remember that it's still a deal, even when it's not a "steal" ... I saved about $65 and that's still good, right?!

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  1. I will try to help you out some but you saved a ton of money good job girl! Here are some websites I go to and use. The first one is and you go to the tab that is Stores and both places you shopped is on there. Hopefully it will save you some more money. Also, if you register to get the ladies daily website email you will get daily emails from her that will post alot of Target stuff. Another is she was on Extreme Couponing. Same thing you can register to get her email daily for deals. I took her advise and made a coupon binder and it is awesome! Hope this helps :) Alison Robinson