Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wall-E ...

the hubby and I were a bit perplexed when Liam came running into the living room one evening, sad that his wall-E toy was broken. huh??? we've never bough any wall-E toys. hmmm. but he kept telling us "my wall-E toy is broken" ... finally he showed it to us:
now someone tell me that kids don't have an amazing imagination! as soon as we saw it we both looked at each other and smiled, but a clever young lad we have on our hands. the funniest part has to be that somehow neither of us have any idea what this actually is? obviously it suctions onto something and it has a piece of foam inside, which I thought might be some sort of filter? or maybe it's just filler? who knows? not us.

I was able to fix the broken wall-E and that seemed to please Liam. and now we have one more cute story to tell!

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