Monday, May 23, 2011

another installment of "the babies" ...

ok, so are you sick of photos of Liam and Zoey yet? sometimes I think the blog should be called: Zoey! Or: Zoey & Liam! I guess it's a good indication that I am home with them each day, all day - therefore I have more photos of them (not to mention, the big kids are less fond of having their pic taken). anyway, here's a few pics that never made it to the blog (I don't think) ...

from his little cut back in February - on his party day!
this was a couple weeks ago - i just love
pics where you can see her front teeth!

this one is from March - I just really liked it, blurry and all!

and these are recent! look how little she looks
under that table - lol ...

"look - I have bubba's boomer man"!!!

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