Wednesday, May 4, 2011

quotes of the week ...

so, we were leaving a friends house and as we walked out a couple people were having a smoke -including someone the kids know fairly well- Jericho looked over then loudly said "YOU SMOKE?!!". oh my!

I was having a saturday morning cuddle with Liam and when he decided he was done I said "you're not gonna cuddle me anymore" ... he looked at me with a very serious face and calmly said, "I still love you" - awwww!

so, be prepared - this one is about Annicka. she's ten. enough said.
I was dropping the kids off at AWANA and told the kids they were late, to which Annicka said "I like being late, I hate dancing around singing those stupid songs" - WOW, I quickly corrected her about songs that were surely about God, to which she responded "no, one isn't even about God at all, it's about a chicken, and they say chest out - and I have BOOBS". yah, there's really nothing to say to that, is there? I love you Annicka and don't be too horrified that this was on the internet, you'll laugh about it one day when you read it in our printed out blog book!

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