Sunday, May 1, 2011

the amazing adventures of Moon Bear ...

day five

oh boy am I excited to tell you about today! Jericho's mom was really excited, because after a week of being woken up every single night to take care of baby Zoey - she finally slept through the whole night last night! we were all excited that Jericho's daddy only had to go to work for a few hours ... he's been working hard all week - going to work while we sleep, then trying to sleep while we're awake! some days he even had to work more than his 12 hours, one day it was 17!!!! WoW. he sure loves his family and I think he's a pretty great guy!

anyway, back to today - oh how it was wonderful! we all went out together! we ate, we shopped, it was grand. I had such a good time and I'm so excited to share a few photos that Jericho's mommy took while we were out and about!

here we are - ready to go!

first we went to Toys R Us, then over to
Applebees for lunch - Jericho shared his fries
and corn-dog with me - it was yummy!

I had a quick sit with Zoey while the other kids
were getting buckled up, but she just wanted to bite me-
and her teeth are sharp!!!

here's me and Jericho again - his mom tried to find
a carseat for me, but they were all too big!
she decided that bears are safe enough sitting
on laps ... but she was sure to tell me
that babies and kids are not and she had a lot
to say about babies and kids being in
carseat - wow!

after lunch we went to Target, then we headed home!
we watched Liam's new movie and relaxed
for a while ...

then we played with Annicka and Jericho's new moon sand -
that was a lot of fun!

we had a little dinner and then we played!
I got to have a horsey ride from
Annicka ... boy was that an adventure!
it was such a wonderful day. I'm having such a good time and like all the others, I'll definitely always remember Jericho and his family! I hope they'll always remember me too!

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  1. Zoey chewed on the bear! ha ha! Adorable! I've really enjoyed the stories and pictures of the kids with moon bear.