Friday, May 13, 2011

happy mothers day (just a few days late) ...

so, yah, I was a little pre-occupied having a fun family day and totally didn't blog about/for mothers day - Annicka had already given me a handmade pop-out card, so cute! then she gave me this on the big day:of course, I LOVE it!!! Jericho had forgotten his handmade card, so I got that on Monday after school - also cute and sentimental, it even included a magnet of his little hand ... melt my heart! I hadn't planned to make any gift requests, even though my hubby asked me, but then it hit me - maybe this could be a good opportunity to get a certain something I've been wanting for months now, a new sewing machine!

... it was, my hubby was totally down with that idea - so I now have a new sewing machine! nothing fancy, but it does the job, and that's what matters! I was so excited that I decided to get busy straight away and stayed up super late that night working on something I've been wanting to make for several weeks:

a dress for Zoey, made from one of daddy's old work shirts!!! I totally was winging it with the design and everything - but it turned out not too bad! It must look pretty good in pics, because someone asked me to make one for them, I declined. I'm not a great seamstress and this is not a time in my life to be doing anything like that, but it still made me feel good to be asked! So, it was a wonderful mothers day and now I need to plan lots of other projects to keep me busy at the machine!!!

I hope all the mommies out there also had a wonderful day - and felt loved and cherished! God bless you all!

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