Thursday, May 5, 2011

I "heart" you ...

oh my sweet Zoey ...
I love you so.

I don't know why eating (beyond a bottle) is such
a challenge for you, but I hope we can figure
it out! I was comforted to be told that
my instincts & observations were right - it
doesn't seem to be a problem with your ability to eat ...
on the one hand that's great news,
on the other hand it just baffles me why you
aren't hungry? or why you're not interested? or is it more?

but, my sweet little princess ...
I hope it's just you exercises your rights!
my prayer is that you're just being a little pickle -
and that soon you'll just decide that you're
ready to eat more and more and
before we know it you'll be eating a "regular" size
meal of table foods (and maybe even "baby"
food too). I've been continuing to give
you "real" food - I just cut it real small. you seem
to like it (usually) and you'll pick it up and
put it in your mouth and play with
it, all that ... but you just never consume very many
bites overall. you little stinker!

some days are better than others.
but every bite brings a smile to my face!
I "heart" you Zoey!

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