Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I am Zoey ...

has anyone else heard of the campaign to end the "r" word?

there are many "names" we would never tolerate being called,
or being used in a negative manner ... let's remember
that the "r" word is no different.

I, myself, used to use it a lot. I remember telling a dear friend (when
I was pregnant) that it was a really bad habit, and she said -
calmly, nicely: "you can't do that".
she was right.
I had never thought about it. it's so accepted, it just didn't
feel wrong. now I realize how wrong it is.
I've joined the campaign (and, yes, while still pregnant with Zoey
I broke myself of the habit) ... won't you?

and remember, no one wants to be defined by
a "condition" they may have ... they are people, we're all people!
I wouldn't like it if someone said, "that's fat Sasha" -
so why would someone else like being introduced (whether
in person or not) as anything more than who they are?
(not how they look, not the disease they have, etc.)

I am speaking on the behalf of our sweet little Zoey, if she
could talk to you - I'm sure she'd like you know ...

I am not a "down syndrome baby" ...

I am Zoey!
I am happy a lot,
I whine a lot,
I'm stubborn,
I have a big, bold smile,
I am cute,
I like to chat & yell,
I don't care about standing or walking,
I like my bottle,
I'm eating more and more "real" food,
I'm growing,
I've had open heart surgery,
I can sign "baby",
I love music,
I like to pull hair,
I'll bite you if you stick your finger in my mouth,
I have beautiful eyes,
I am smart,
my family loves me,
God loves me,
I am a child of God!

I'm a baby, who has down syndrome!

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