Thursday, May 19, 2011

don't grow up ...

I've come to a conclusion ... sheltering children is not necessarily a bad thing! Now, don't think I'm crazy ... but I'm serious. Of course, I know children need to learn how to live productive lives, and most importantly they need to learn to live lives that are pleasing to God ... but I think there's a certain level of "sheltering" necessary. After all, if we haven't learned how to deal with certain situations in a safe environment - like home - then when we're faced with it, we may not know what to do or how to react!

I say, "shelter" your kids. I want to homeschool so bad it's ridiculous. Actually, I want to enroll my school kids in a hybrid program where I would homeschool them three days a week and then they'd go to school two days. I thought this was a great compromise for us, since my hubby has never been a fan of the homeschool idea. So far, he is saying no - but I've sort of declared war on the whole situation, I'm just that passionate about it.

I want to have my children with me more. I want to provide some "practice", so to say, on how one could react in certain life situations that my kids may face (and we literally could make that part of our daily learning). I want to shelter my babies from the way too advanced attitudes that I witness (and I'm talking about my own kids, as well as others), I prefer my kids to be a bit naive and innocent. Now, I would never want to shelter them entirely - so please don't misunderstand ... I'm just saying that the more I have them with me, perhaps the better they could be equipped when they're not.

Maybe it's all just wishful thinking. I have considered the notion that I'm just falling prey to the notion that "the grass is greener on the other side" ... I don't know. I've prayed about homeschooling and honestly, I don't feel that God has come out and "answered" me. So, maybe my husband's "no" is really God's? I'm not sure. I just know that I desperately want them out of public school. It's not that we've had any major issues or anything, it's just "not my cup of tea"!

so, there you have my rambling on for today! LOL! and now, on a more cheery note, photos of an adorable little Zoey ...

... and to be honest, I think Zoey has a lot to do with my renewed strong feelings on this subject. Annicka has told me so many times this year (sometimes several times a week) about how kids tease a couple children that are "different", one of them is Annicka's good friend, it makes me cry. For real, I have cried for those precious children. I do not want that for my Zoey, I want to keep her under my wing and safe from that hurt. No one likes to be treated yucky and no one deserves it!


  1. Maybe you could do a test run and try to home school them this summer.

  2. Your post really touched home with me. Kids grow up way to fast and get hurt so much in public schools. As my oldest son told me " A soldier does not go to war without training. We are in a spiritual battle and we should not send our kids out to war without the training they need" Him and his wife homeschool their boys, so they can be the ones to train them up in the way they should go. They believe that God gave them their children for them to raise not the public school system.
    Kids can be so mean to each other and they can be especially hard on those who are different for what ever reason.
    What ever happens I pray that God will give you peace and direction about the situation.