Thursday, May 12, 2011

busy, busy, busy ...

I know, falling off the blogging wagon - again - lol! I simply haven't had time to post, between working on sewing projects and such, my evenings are full ... I'm trying to mostly just work on the blog in the evenings (I get several posts ready and then they post automatically)!

I've been busy, yes, but not the sort of busy as I sometimes am - with tons of appointments. This is more like, busy with life. Busy sitting with Zoey for her mealtimes, because she loves the one on one attention and interaction and eats so much better! Busy playing with Liam and Zoey - I try to juggle doing stuff with them, getting chores done, and popping on the computer (cause we know it sucks us in) ... so my mornings are like "rounds" - I love it!

so, of course, as always - the posts will return and I have several photos to share. but, for now, just know that I'm spending more time with the kids, with the house, with God (in prayer)!

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