Wednesday, May 25, 2011

quotes of the week ...

so, as I was making Liam his pb&j sandwich, I was singing the peanut butter jelly song! he thought it was so funny and kept asking me to sing it ... then suddenly said "I don't like that song" I said "you don't?" and he said, "no, it hurts my ears" ... nothing like being a tad fickle - lol!

not a quote, but gotta write this one down (ya know, for prosperity - whatever that is) ... running toward Zoey to get whatever she just stuck in her mouth out, I stubbed my toe on the corner of the refrigerator - OUCH! ... then I got bit on the finger, while fishing out the afore-mentioned item - OUCH! what a fun 30 seconds that was, LOL!

have I mentioned that Zoey is making great strides towards communication??? for instance, several times now when hearing the garage open she starts to yell "da da da da da" ... I'd say she's relating the sound to the fact that often shortly after the sound, daddy walks in! she's also consistently making the sign for "baby"! we can say, "where's the baby" and she does the sign - and, I must add, it's absolutely adorable! she does a few response actions - she used to do her little rocking dance whenever daddy sang "dancy dance dance dance dance" ... that one has worn off, but now we can sing "tick tock tick tock Zoey is a little clock" and she does these motions with her legs that make her rotate around! (she looks like a clock, that's how daddy came up with the song - when she first started doing this little action) It's definitely progress!!! (she has also done the sign for "more" - but not consistently to where I know yet if she knows what it means)

ok - so, you'll never guess what Annicka just asked me ... "do you have a band-aid for mouths?"! really Annicka? LOL!!!

so, daddy and the big kids are looking through the netflix movies and they see "Beavis and Butthead" ... of course my children have no idea who they are! So, they're all asking "why is he called Butthead" and such and then Jericho goes, "oh, I know ... he's called Butthead cause his head looks like poop"! oh my - that was funny! (and in case it needs saying - NO, they were not watching Beavis and Butthead ... on netflix you can scan through the movies that are available to watch instantly, and it show a picture of the DVD cover - that's all)

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