Thursday, May 5, 2011

remembering spring break ...

just for the record, I took a pic of my spring break goals poster that was hanging on my wall ... it hung there all through spring break, me too sick to do any of it! it hung there for a while after spring break too, but I finally took it down! my plan was to do all the normal cleaning, plus do "spring cleaning" ... nothin doin. anyway, last week one day I decided to set some goals for myself - amazed, by the end of the day I had accomplished those goals. now, it's nothing major - just a few key things to do ... by the end of the week my downstairs was looking (actually, staying) pretty good - both picked up and clean. now I can move on to the upstairs, where all the sorting needs to happen - yay! anyway, I've continued making daily goals and for the most part have met them - so, I'm hoping I can continue with that! here's a pic of Zoey and that list!

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