Thursday, October 27, 2011

quotes of the week ...

I suppose my lack of "quotes" posts is a sign of something, not sure what - but surely laziness, if nothing more!  it's not that my kids haven't been making me smile with their funny little phrases, I just haven't been bothered to document them.  my bad.

a few weeks ago, after Nana and Grandaddy's visit, Liam went through this phase of constantly asking "who brought me this" (I'm guessing he was gaining an understanding that the things he has have come from people - and was interested in who each item had come from).  so, one day, he asked "who brought me this" ... to which I replied, "I did" ... his response?  "oh, you're cool ... I mean, you're awesome".  oh, thank you sweet little one.

now we'll get back to the present and hopefully I'll be posting weekly again with cute and funny moments!

in the midst of a tickle I asked my giggly little Liam, "are you a silly monkey" ...
Liam's reply, "no, I'm a cool monkey"!
yes you are, sweet three year old boy who can be such a stinker!!!  but I love you always, no matter what - even when you're completely disobedient and driving me crazy with your ornery-ness!!!

lately Liam likes me to play this pizza game online.  it's pretty fun because we can count and learn how to look at following the orders and stuff.  so anyway, we're sitting here and he's watching me and I turn and look at him and he goes, "I don't know about you, but I love you"!  it was so sweet.  but, of course, I was like - what do you mean you don't know about me?  I don't think he understands what that phrase implies, ya know, but -rest assured- he said, "I know you love me".

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