Saturday, October 22, 2011

hand-me-downs ...

a couple weeks ago when i pulled these shirts out for Liam and Zoey, I realized two things: a) these shirts have passed through all my kids - they started as Annicka and Jericho's; then they were Jericho and Liam's; now Liam and Zoey's and b) they're on their last set! 

it made me almost sad for a minute.  I remembered finding these at Target, back in Oklahoma, and buying them.  I remembered how cute Annicka and Jericho looked in them ... and how cute the boys looked in them.  but it's fun, to now see how cute my final "set" of kids looks in the "my mommy loves me" tee shirts. 

lately I've been more sentimental about passed down clothing - I guess there's something fun about being able to see each of your kids wear a certain something!  these are just everyday pics from a morning last week ... and you can't even see Zoey's shirt ... but I may not ever manage to get any more pics of them in these shirts, so had to share now so I can always remember!

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