Thursday, October 6, 2011

gettin my craft on ...

so, last month I brought the crochet hooks & yarn out again ...I wonder if I'll ever decide to stick with one craft, or if I'll be interested in multiple arts & crafts forever?  it's cool, I guess?  just means I may never be really good at any one thing, but perhaps mediocre at many!  I'm ok with that, though, I think!!!

anyway, Zoey's hat was done and had been sitting for a couple months - just waiting to be, literally, finished off.  so I finally stitched up the top and it became a hat.  it's a bit big, but it doesn't really matter cause the little stinker won't leave it on anyways!

I've been giving some little "accessory" pieces a whirl too, I'm trying to get good at tiny-small flowers so I can make little clips with them!  it's amazing how much you can learn from youtube videos - just gotta put that out there!  so, I added a flower and a leaf to Zoey's hat!

then I decided to try a headband.  I was surprised at how quickly that went.  I decided it would be a little after school surprise for Annicka.  I added a little flower (and even made a little "ball" for the center) and she loved it!

she wore it two or three times that week!  I did notice it seemed to stretch a little, well - actually she told me that.  and the shape seemed to wriggle too - for lack of a better way to describe it - but I think part of that is how she puts it on?  anyway, I'll have to research that a bit.

whilst completely absorbed in little fun things, I gave a butterfly a try!  it's cute!

here's the stinker modeling the now completely finished hat!  and then she pulled it off - repetitively, while I tried to get a "good" photo!
see ...
and here she is, just being silly and giving me and Annicka a good laugh!  we love you little miss!

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