Monday, August 29, 2011

the REAL good-bye ... to the Honda!

so, it took us quite a while to get to this point, but we finally decided that we weren't going to find the Honda's title and we needed to just order the new one (great, more money into the broken car) so during our trip to Oregon, the hubby did that. it then took a month for us to get it in the mail, but finally we were ready to call junk my car again and get it gone! the morning came and I decided to let the kids watch - it's so exciting to see the car put up on the truck and stuff! while we were out there, I -of course- took some photos!

I think he was asking me a question, he has that
questioning look - and those eyes - oh my!

avoiding a decent pic - as usual!

he wanted me to take a pic of his "cool trick"

watching the car get put on the truck!

I love this - hanging from a tree!

bye-bye forever Honda ... you've been good to us!

had I realized he was going to get so upset, I might not
have had them out there ... he was saying "I'll never have my
dark blue car again" - how pathetically sad is that!
the funny thing is, I'm not sure he ever even rode in that car?
never the less, that day he hated our black car
and only wished we could keep the one that was leaving!

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