Monday, October 15, 2012

truly epic fail. (August)

ok. time to come clean. 

on one of our very hectic days back in August, just a week into the new adventure of home
schooling, we were expecting Annicka's teacher.  I decided to do something I had maybe done once 
before, hide all my dirty dishes in the oven.  I just had SO many, especially because I found
some that hadn't managed to be unpacked while I was cleaning the garage.  so I knew I wouldn't get
to all of them before her 10am arrival.  but since she was coming at that time, I also knew
I wouldn't need to cook before she had come and gone ... so I figured it would be fine!

well, 10am came and went ... and she called to say she had been delayed and would have to
come later.  no problem, I'll just keep working on other stuff around the house - and this
great task of schooling a sixth grader (man, the beginning was super duper rough - I'm talking like
12 hours of schooling a day ... it took a bit for us to get into a good routine and figure it all
out and such).  so, we're trying to get school done and I'm trying to other things at the same time (I
can no longer remember what those other things were, aside from taking care of three other
children) and I decide to make "oven dogs" for the kids for lunch - a favorite of theirs.

you can see where this is going already, can't you?!

yes, in my hurried state - with all the chaos going on ... I turned on the oven to preheat.

epic. fail.

 about five minutes later I walked back in to the kitchen and Annicka said (from her
school desk) ... "what's that smell?"

I stood there for a minute, it was a smell I knew.
I looked at the stove, I think I thought 'why would it be the stove?'.
I looked at my open and thought 'it must be coming in from outside'.
then I looked at the stove again - something told me from the first second that it
was my stove, but my mind just wasn't registering it.
then it suddenly did.
I cried.

I leaped over and turned the oven off, I quickly opened the door and began removing the
dishes that filled the oven.  they were a little warm, but nothing that would truly hurt
me.  I quickly put some oven mits on for the last pieces, but it was too late for some ...
namely the tupperware lids on the bottom of the stove.
they were a puddle. literally, a puddle of plastic.
I had a tupperware lid holder that also didn't make it out in it's original state.

thankfully, those were my only items that were ruined ...
and more thankfully, I didn't start a fire!

but I had a major problem ... I didn't know how I was gonna get those lids off
the bottom of the oven!  I was actually crying at this point - yes, it's true.

so, I had to call housing and tell them what I had done.
thankfully (again) they'd seen it before and were totally nice and not
worried about it at all.  a guy came over and checked it out and said to let it cool and
then scrape it off.  I tried, but I all I managed to do was break my spatula.
he happened to stop back by later to see if I had gotten it off, 
and since I hadn't - he took the bottom of the oven outside and got it off for me!

so, my friends, I will give you this piece of advice ...
do not, I repeat, DO NOT use this trick.
for the love of dirty dishes, just let your company see them!!!

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