Sunday, October 14, 2012

the great garage project (August)

I may as well just say it right off: the great garage project FAIL! 
but, I'll save the whole story for after you see how well I was doing ...
these first pics (above) were actually taken during the process ... I think this was at 
the start of day two, so I had already worked a solid day out there!  and believe me when
I tell you that I had made an enormous amount of progress, I really wish I had 
taken a true "before" pic ... but I didn't, so you'll have to take my word for it!
by the end of the third day of working out there I had managed to get a lot of stuff
organized and then I moved on to the tedious work and getting ready for my yard sale!

and no, I didn't have babysitters ... I did this while still fulfilling the role of "mom"!!!
this was when daddy was in Florida for his class ... so I just had the kids playing in the front yard,
or in the house (Zoey in her play yard with Annicka playing with her), and of course I was
sure to utilize Zoey's nap time the most!!!  they also enjoyed having picnic lunches while
I slaved away sweeping, sorting, moving, loading, pricing ... good times!!!

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