Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 back in July we took a little trip to a beach not too far away - it was awesome!  my friend told me about it and we met for lunch and then headed to the beach to have some fun all together!  the kids had a blast!  I may have posted some of these pics back them, I can't remember?  anyway, here's our fun at the beach ...

 she loved the sand!  I was happy to see she had no reservations about
walking, sitting in, or playing with sand!
 the boys!!!

 see that tub Annicka is carrying ... you'll see why in a bit!

 Liam loved it too!

 oh how my little LOVED splashing in the water!
I had to hold them tight when the waves came in!
(oh yah and I mislabeled some of these pics - oops - obviously if I'm in them they're by my friend)

 the four big kids - doin their thing - being independent!

 and there's why the tub!!!
she was catching these little creatures!!!

 there's my friend and my littles!!!

 see - she loved the sand so much she even laid down in it!!!

that day it was confirmed - she's definitely a Cali girl!!!

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